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About Us
Alternative Studio

We cover a large range of creative digital marketing projects, social media content and campaigns to create experiences.

A digital experience to showcase our approach to creating content.

What we do

Alternative Studio is a Marketing Agency specialized in digital marketing, focused on graphic design, video animations, infographic, TV documentary, ads, social media management and content creation.

We give great importance to producing dynamic videos for all formats through which we express our creativity and convey your message to the targeted audience.

Why choose us?

Alternative Studio team is consisted of experienced graphic designers, 3D/2D animators, video-editors, cameramen, journalists, web-developer, social media managers, professional photographers who were part of RTK, RTV21, Radio Free Europe, EULEX, etc.

We bring best broadcast quality On Air and through postproduction; the highest quality of photography and sound as we possess the professional latest technology equipment. All this enable us to avoid limitations.

Our Team members

We are a collaborative studio with complementary profiles.

Our Clients

We develop gorgeous, memorable projects for our clients.


Our projects are supported by the main International donors.We are happy that our projects have been approved from them