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Video Shooting
The inside Story

Cka s’e sheh syni, e kap kamera!

What you can’t see with eyes, camera can catch it…

When we started working in our first project, we first though about Alban, who join later our team. Why we chose him? Because he is very creative cameraman with 20 years- experience who had implemented hundreds of important TV projects in Kosovo and region. 

Why choose us?

Because we have implemented successful projects, which made our clients very satisfied. We made video shootings for some projects and we produce video for many companies/organisations supported by main international donors. You can enjoy seeing our high videos produced by quality cameras 4K and broadcast lights, listening to perfect sound recorded by Sennheiser microphones, edited in workstation or shooting with Ronin camera, drone, GoPro, Osmo… latest technology trends 😉

We usually let our work speaks itself! So take a look at our portfolio!

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